SEO (search engine optimisation) is the procedure of making your site attractive to major search engines. SEO is very important for all businesses and it’s an essential part of getting your site noticed online. In order to become a player in this game, you need to perform proper SEO so as to get better visibility over the web. To get better rankings on the Google search engine, you need to do onsite SEO research.


An onsite SEO strategy covers many things. This includes research on the keywords or key phrases that will work best for your business. Onsite SEO also encompasses social media, blogs and other web content. The onsite part of your SEO strategy means that the content of your site should be relevant and targeted towards your audience.

One way to target your audience is to perform keyword research. Keyword research helps search engines to know what your audience is looking for. This will help search engines to provide relevant search results for your site. If you are targeting an international audience, you need to be aware of the local nuances and make sure your content is translated accordingly. This ensures that your site is not only accessed by people in your country, but people outside your country as well.

Another basic on-page SEO technique is to build links from high PageRank websites. Link building is a vital part of an SEO campaign because it ensures that your site is linked from authoritative websites that are trusted. The higher the PR of a website that links to you, the more relevant it is to your target audience. A good rule of thumb for link building is to create quality links from authoritative websites that are trusted and respected in your industry.

Internal linking is also an important strategy to rank well on Google and other search engines. Internal links are like internal citations of content on your web page, which improves the reliability of the information on your site. External links are a great way to increase your web page rankings and can help you compete with other companies in your field.

To optimize your site for Google and other search engine giants, you need to do a comprehensive SEO analysis. Analyze the structure and functioning of your site, identify the most important keywords that you need to target and conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify the backlinks that are available on the internet. The link analysis is a vital part of the complete SEO process. It helps to ensure that your link building strategies are effective, that you are reaching your target audience and you are benefiting from improved search engine rankings. SEO after all is a very complicated field and it requires a comprehensive understanding for your success.

Basic SEO Techniques