Instagram Marketing

How to Get More Instagram Marketing Coverage With Ecommerce Vs Content Based Approach

If you haven’t heard, Instagram Marketing is the hottest trend in social media right now. More companies are jumping on the band wagon and starting to use Instagram to promote themselves and their products and services. In fact, Instagram has become so popular that Facebook has actually jumped on the band wagon as well, posting their own version of Instagram called “ivable.” This is essentially an enhanced version of Instagram for the Facebook network. With both these giants now involved, it’s easy to see why Instagram marketing is gaining such momentum.

It’s no secret that marketing goals for traditional media outlets need to evolve in order to keep up with the times and stay relevant. However, what few people realize is that social media has to be used to stay relevant and compete in today’s market. While social media allows you to reach an audience that normally wouldn’t be accessible to you unless you had a marketing plan specifically designed for that particular audience, it also allows you to give them something that they’re interested in, whether it’s a video, a photo, or content. As a result, Instagram is becoming one of the most important platforms out there for businesses to utilize.

So how does this impact you? Well, with millions of users and hundreds of applications available through the app, you can do pretty much anything you want on Instagram. You can use the platform to stream live events, upload your latest recipes, comment on other people’s content, connect with your business contacts through messaging apps, and much more. The key to making use of these apps effectively is creating a strong profile picture, making sure your content is keyword-rich, regularly adding new content, engaging your audience, and promoting your account to all your social networks.

But the question at hand is how can you take advantage of this incredible opportunity before it even gets started. It’s a good question, because Instagram is currently sitting on top of all of the social media platforms in terms of daily active users. If you’re not already part of the loop, then you’re behind the times. In fact, only three percent of Facebook’s daily active users are actively posting on Instagram, versus forty percent on Facebook’s two other social media platforms. If you have ten thousand followers, chances are you have Instagram too. This is one platform that you definitely need to get involved with if you truly want to be successful online.

Now that we’ve established that, we have to figure out how you can create content that will bring you users to your Instagram account and keep them there for an extended amount of time. To do this, you need to find interesting stories, images, or other forms of content that are visually interesting, offer useful information, are attention-grabbing, and create an atmosphere where your audience will feel like they know you. So you can see how important an interest based approach is to your social media marketing. While content does drive traffic to your website, without an interest-based marketing plan, your audience will move on before you even have their attention.

For example, a great way to engage with your Instagram audience is to use Etsy to build a visual portfolio for your brand. If you have a lot of beautiful handmade items available for purchase, then you have a built-in credibility that you can leverage to engage with your Instagram audience. You can use Etsy to create unique content just as you would on your other social media sites, but because Etsy works in an engagement model rather than a content-based model, you can easily turn your product descriptions, blog posts, and even photo sharing into an instant engagement with your target audience. Plus, you can guarantee that your Etsy portfolio will get a lot of exposure. Unlike a tumblr or Facebook page, which can have a limited reach, your Etsy portfolio will be available to people all over the world. All you have to do is take the time to upload a few high quality images and describe your products in your bio.

How to Get More Instagram Marketing Coverage With Ecommerce Vs Content Based Approach