Weibo Marketing

Weibo is a popular social networking site in China. Chinese Internet users use Weibo to find out about the latest trends, fashionable brands and other information. This platform is also an excellent place to promote your brand. Using the power of testimonials, you can gain a huge number of followers in a short time. Your posts will be more likely to be shared by non-famous users, which in turn can lead to sales.

Weibo has its own verification process, but it’s still important for international brands to get their official account verified. To become a verified profile, you have to submit documents that prove your business’s legitimacy. If you’re a foreign company, you’ll need a Chinese business license or the equivalent. If you’re a personal account, you’ll need to provide a list of translated documents proving your legal status in China.

Another way to promote your brand on Weibo is to partner with Weibo KOLs. While they don’t have as large of a following as celebrities, KOLs often have large followings and are trusted by Chinese consumers. Typically, brands invite several KOLs to collaborate with them on posts. In one example, Max Factor collaborated with three KOLs in the fashion industry: Wang Qiang, Zhongcao and Weibo.

Despite its relatively low profile, Weibo is a powerful tool for marketers in China. By the end of 2021, we’ll see an estimated 850 million Chinese users. Weibo is growing exponentially each day and has a very active user base, which means that it’s worth exploring for your business. Just like Twitter, Weibo has many benefits for businesses, and a solid Weibo Marketing strategy can help you reach your goals.

Xiao Meili, a Chinese actress and rights advocate, started a trend whereby women posted photos of their un-shaven armpits. The idea was to challenge the traditional gender roles and stereotypes associated with female beauty. The original contest received more than two million views and 80,000 comments. A selection of three winners was made and each won a prize. First place winner received 100 condoms, second place won a vibrator and the third ten winners each received a female urination device.

Using targeted keywords and targeting a specific audience is an effective way to promote a brand on Weibo. Display ads can be placed in user feeds and direct users to the company’s homepage. Display ads can cost up to $1 per click and vary depending on their size, location, and keyword association. However, because Weibo allows businesses to be more specific in their approach, this is a highly effective way to promote a brand.

Weibo is a useful tool for promoting brands in China. The social networking site follows trends and challenges to attract more users interested in a particular brand. Using hashtags to promote a brand can create an authentic community around a product. Ultimately, the loyal following of these users can lead to greater sales. This makes selling your products that much easier. If you can find ways to attract followers and build a community around your brand on Weibo, you’ll be well on your way to building a profitable relationship with your customers on Weibo.

How to Use Weibo Marketing to Get Your Brand Trending on China Social Media