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One important tip when writing your subject line is to be as personal as possible. Many recipients will ignore emails that contain all caps, and putting these letters in your subject line can make them feel like they’re being yelled at. In addition, over 85% of email recipients dislike all-caps subject lines, and more than half of them would consider such a mail as spam. Unless you’re writing for a friend or colleague, personalizing your email will help you stand out from the crowd.

To increase your open rate, consider putting breaking news in the subject line. Studies show that more than 40% of Americans get their news online – second only to television. In fact, only 5% of people ages 18 to 29 regularly read print newspapers. In order to maximize open rates and clicks, use subject lines that feature breaking news, a pun, or a self-referential phrase. Using these methods will help you attract more email subscribers and boost your open rate.

When creating your subject line, always try to remember that the reader is reading your email to find out something. You don’t want to make your subject line sound like a sales letter, since it might get flagged as spam. So, try to avoid using too many exclamation points, loud punctuation, and overt promotional language. Instead, try to focus on your expertise and sharing valuable information. The use of questions will help you focus the attention of your readers, because they feel incomplete without an answer.

When writing an email subject line, try to keep it under 40 characters. This is because most people scan their inbox quickly and skim the subject line before clicking the email. So, try to keep it between 25 and 30 characters – as long as they explain the purpose of the mail. This way, they can make quick decisions and read more of the message. It’s also good to keep it short if your subject line is interesting or relates to something they want.

A good subject line can make or break your email campaign. Studies have shown that 35% of recipients open an email based on its subject line. This means that a great subject line can make the difference between an email being opened and being labelled as spam. As a result, choosing a good email subject line is a vital part of ensuring your email is read and noticed. For more tips on writing an email subject line, download the free guide below.

How to Write an Effective Subject Line for Email Marketing