Chatbot Marketing is an interactive marketing solution that helps businesses to reach out to their prospects and boost engagement and loyalty. A chatbot basically helps your company reach out to prospective customers and qualified leads at a much lower cost than with a conventional marketing campaign. It’s an easy, low-cost method of getting your message out to prospective clients without the high investment that would be required with other more traditional methods. Here are some ways that chatbot can help your business.

Chatbot Marketing

The biggest advantage of chat bots is that it’s interactive – what this means is that it’s responsive to the users. This means that it can respond to queries from the users, offer suggestions and features that can make the experience better (for example, having the option to reply to a particular inquiry instantly), as well as suggest useful content based on the user’s interests and preferences. This way, your prospects and customers will not only get good response from the bot, but also get value for their time. These real-time features not only increase engagement levels but also help marketers create a positive impression with their target audiences. With its interactive nature, it gives the feeling that your website and the products/services you’re promoting aren’t just “taken for granted” but genuinely represent the values and the real-time experiences that your customers have with them.

For many people, social platforms are becoming more important in their daily lives. In fact, today’s most popular social platforms – Twitter and Facebook – have nearly 500 million active users, and this doesn’t even take into account the number of daily users that use one or both of these as their preferred method of communicating with family and friends. For businesses, social platforms are an extremely effective tool to market their brands and services because of the sheer reach that they offer. Also, customers tend to respond positively to chatbot programs, simply because they’re so human, and therefore feel more connected to the program itself. In fact, studies have shown that customer service representatives who are familiar with chat bots, tend to receive more calls than representatives who aren’t familiar with chat Bots.

Using chatbot marketing to increase sales isn’t just using simple tools like emoticons and visual indicators. This type of advertising is actually employing sophisticated technologies that enable a program to react to specific questions and actions, automatically. There are three main types of chatbot marketing programs. First, there are “self-hosted” or server-side programs, which are hosted on a third-party server so marketers don’t have to maintain a separate environment.

Self-hosted chatbots are best suited for businesses that have their own email system, which makes it easier to monitor activity, receive feedback, and send individual messages if necessary. Second, there are chat bots that are connected to social media platforms, so they can automatically post images via social media platforms or automatically respond to individual conversations. The third kind of chatbot is the ones that integrate with other services, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software. This integration allows the bot to notify customers about changes in company policies, as well as automatically post relevant conversations within the company’s social media channels.

Chat Bots can be found on several popular platforms. They can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. However, because many of these chat bots are hosted on third-party servers, it may be difficult to know which conversations are actually being monitored, and that responses are being monitored. It’s important for consumers to watch out for any advertising they see on their personal Facebook page or on any of the social media platforms, as these messages could be advertisements. When interacting with conversational bots, it’s best to look at the source of the conversation rather than responding to one-sided messages.

Using Chat Bots to Increase Sales