Here are the nine hottest digital marketing trends of 2021: . Inclusion. One look at today’s front page headlines proves the importance of inclusion in modern time-and-pace in online history. More daily, more people, especially younger viewers and targeted demographics, seek to view a more hopeful depiction of social equality in the news content they read and the brands they buy…and quickly. They also want to know more about the people behind the brands that matter most. Facebook has proven this with its personal research tool called “Favorites”.

. Brand Awareness. It’s not a secret that Google is the leading search engine company that matters most for brand awareness among Internet users. With over 72% of Internet traffic originating from Google, marketers should therefore do whatever it takes to make sure their website pops up on the first page of the results page whenever a keyword phrase is searched.

. Brand Awareness. Brands need to be more visible on the Internet, particularly to younger generations who are more Internet savvy. Hence, digital marketing trends such as social media promotions and engaging in pay per click campaigns are important ways to reach potential consumers. Pay per click is another trend that many marketers have mastered and are successfully using it to further their brand awareness.

. Video Marketing Trend. The video website YouTube is fast overtaking the popular social media sites in terms of traffic generation. Celebrities and ordinary consumers alike use this platform to share clips, product demonstrations and anything they want to talk about. YouTube also happens to be the home of some of the most successful paid campaigns of all time, hence marketers should be making the most of this trend as well.

. Social Media Influence. A social media campaign is incomplete without its corresponding social media influence. Brands can either do well or fail depending on how much influence they can exert through their social media profiles. Brands should therefore take note of any current or upcoming event in their industry and engage in discussions on the topic. Doing so allows them to better personalize their businesses and give customers a chance to get to know them better while engaging in conversations about current events and upcoming trends.

. Consumer Segmentation. A major part of digital marketing trends focuses on identifying the right consumers to target. Marketers should therefore focus on these consumers based on several factors including demographics, behavior, buying habits and other factors. For instance, if a brand’s target consumers are the young generation, then the website design and overall aesthetic components should definitely be different from those of more mature consumers.

Why Digital Marketing Trends Is Important For Every Brand