Marketing can be defined as the process by which a company creates and develops its brand image in order to create and sell a product or service. In simple terms the term covers the entire gamut of communicating with the consumer on an individual basis in order to make a sale. This process has taken several forms throughout history including Social Marketing. As you probably know Social Marketing is the practice of utilizing various social platforms such as; social networking sites, message boards, etc in order to reach to customers and prospects. In recent years this has been taken to a whole new level by companies such as; Reebok, Nike, and other well known brands who have developed successful marketing campaigns that have reached literally millions of consumers.


AIDA stands for: Action. Interest. Desire.

What if you could take all of these pieces of the marketing formula and combine them into one solid career path? You now have the power to shape your own financial future by developing the skills to market your own services or products. A career in marketing provides the opportunity to achieve personal success, to make a good living, to be financially secure, to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, and much more. A career in marketing will open so many doors for you that it will be difficult for you to realize how much potential you have.

There are several formulas for success in marketing, but AIDA fits neatly into the category of the best marketing formula around today. AIDA is based on three main elements: Attention, Interest, and Desire. When you understand what each of these components is and how it can help you then it becomes easy to use AIDA as a model for yourself. It is based on the idea that you can attract what you want into your life through your focus, interest, and desire. It takes work to develop each element, but if you can learn to master them and apply them to your own needs, then you will have developed the skill that is required to achieve the level of success that you desire. A marketing strategy that effectively utilizes these three elements is the best way to attract what you want.

This type of marketing strategy also offers the opportunity to test your assumptions about the relationships between these three elements and your goals for your company. AIDA can give you the results that you need to identify the areas in which your assumptions are wrong. Once you have made the necessary changes you will be ready to start attracting the type of prospects and customers that will become your customers once you have mastered the copywriting formula AIDA teaches.

Once you have mastered this model of marketing communications you will be able to use AIDA as a standard for all of your future marketing strategies. In addition, when you apply AIDA to your own business you will be able to draw on the knowledge level of all of your potential customers. This knowledge level will help you to build a database of prospects and customers so that you can contact these prospects and customers whenever you need to in order to further your business objectives. When you learn to effectively master AIDA you will have the skill that will enable you to reach all of your business goals.

Using AIDA to Effectively Attract Your Customers and Prospects